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Rebuilt VW Engines

A rebuilt engines, a mechanic will either save or fix parts based on the amount of wear or damage. Rebuilt engines contain only a few replaced parts, at full cost, and rarely involve machining old parts. This can be less effective in extending the life of the vehicle.

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Failing engines can be considered as the most frightening sign that you don’t want to experience if you happen to own a vehicle. Engines are the main and most sensitive part of your vehicle as compared to the CPU of computers; they are the heart and brain of your car. Most people think that the best thing to do when their engines starts to fail is to purchase a new one and blindly suffer from making car payments every month. But little do they know is that you can always opt for remanufactured engines that can go and run as better as the new one but for a lesser price. Choosing a remanufactured VW engine can be tricky most of the time that is why you have to carefully choose where to buy them.


A remanufactured VW engine cannot be disregarded when it comes to power and sustainability. Like brand new VW engines, they also come with warranty that can ensure quality and peace of mind upon purchasing one. If you think that getting remanufactured VW engine would just make your vehicle performance worst, then you’re leaning on the wrong side. Remanufactured VW engine are engines that have been clean, repaired and replace to ensure top of the line performance. Don’t think that remanufactured VW engines are some sort of low quality replacement engine unit for your cars but think of them as your ultimate savior when it comes to affordability and functionality.


All quality remanufacturers have adapted to the QS-9000 system that has been set by top vehicle manufacturing companies namely Ford, Chrysler and General Motors.

With today’s economic status, you have to make every decision as smart as it can be. Purchasing a brand new engine means making monthly car payments, going to the auto shop getting all the documents and quotations done, and worst of all suffering from expensive engine replacement unit. Why suffer from monthly bills and highly priced brand new engines when you can have it as better as it is but for a lesser price with a new remanufactured VW engine?


A remanufactured VW engine is all new. Made from replacement parts engineered to meet, or even exceed, the original factory standards, your remanufactured VW engine can breathe new life into your vehicle. A remanufactured VW engine will not only be as good as the original, in several respects it would be better. Hand-built with the finest equipment available, these engines are built to more exacting standards than original. Further, a remanufactured VW engine has the added benefit of a "seasoned" block, a metallurgical phenomenon which extends engine life and enhances performance. A remanufactured VW engine, with proper maintenance, is capable of lasting as long as a new engine.


Remember that purchasing a remanufactured VW engine can be the best way to turn you vehicle power bright and shinning once more. Take time to study and hear other people opinions that might be of great help for your final decision.

VW Engine Sizes

• VW 1.5L Engine
• VW 1.6L Engine
• VW 1.7L Engine
• VW 1.8L Engine
• VW 2.0L Engine
• VW 2.1L Engine
• VW 2.2L Engine
• VW 2.4L Engine
• VW 2.5L Engine
• VW 2.7L Engine
• VW 3.0L Engine
• VW 3.2L Engine
• VW 3.5L Engine

VW Engine Vehicles

VW Accord
VW Civic
VW Del Sol
VW Odyssey
VW Passport
VW Pilot
VW Prelude





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